Dr. Vitantonio TRAINO


Dr. Antonio Traino

Mr. Antonio Traino graduated in Business Administration and has been a real estate agent registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome since the year 2002; he operated successfully for more than ten years, collaborating in Rome with top real estate agencies, until he created A.T. REAL ESTATE AGENCY.

A.T. REAL ESTATE AGENCY is able to offer to its Clients “360°” range of services. In fact, every single operation is managed from specialized professionals in legal, tax and technical aspects, including archetects and engineers, from the preliminary phases to the signing of the final contract. In our AGENCY there is also a Notary, who can provide legal consultancy.

A.T. REAL ESTATE AGENCY can provide its Clients a personalized and detailed customer service, in every phase of search, selection, purchase, sale, renovation, regarding market evalutation up to the final design of the property; our AGENCY therefore can provide a global consultancy to its Clients.Moreover, our AGENCY is open to world-wide market and takes care of the Clients who intend on investing money in the foreign real estate market.


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